Testimonials: Read what some of our Readers ar...

Testimonials: Read what some of our Readers are saying about "A Family for Eve"

"I just wanted to share that my son Jacob absolutely LOVES "A Family For Eve"! We recieved the book yesterday and we had to read it two times immediately and then he wanted me to keep reading it over and over! Thank you so much Kristan for writing a very child friendly book regarding adoption."  Joanne

"I just placed an order for a replacement book. My daughter's fabulous teacher is going to teach an entire unit on the beauty of family and how everyone's is different after my sweet girl was teased for being adopted. This is our Go-To book and we can't find it after Christmas." Kelly

"We got our book tonight and we have already read it 5 times!!! LOVE LOVE..As .thanks for writing such a beautiful testament to the joy of adoption!" Erin

"Got this a couple of days ago! My 5 year old adores it and we have read it several times! She was so excited to see you even signed it for her! Thank you!" Katrina

"I type this my 4 year old daughter is "reading" "A Family For Eve" to my husband! (meaning we've read it so often to her at her request that she's memorized it cover to cover." Dawn

" I just got your book and love it! I have two boys 2 and 1. Both adopted been looking for books to start introducing "adoption" to them. Yours is prefect! Thank you!!!" Glenda

""Kristan, Skylar is supposed to take her favorite book to first grade. She's bringing A Family for Eve. I asked her why it was her favorite book, and she said, "Because Cleo is making a family with love and hope." I couldn't say it any better! Thank you for your talents!" Susan

"My book arrived today and I sat down to read it to my daughter before bed tonight. After I was done she gave me the biggest hug I've gotten in awhile and said "I'm just glad you'll never leave me". Thank you this book is amazing it's one that will be read over and over again in our house and treasured." Dawn

Another great review!! I have only just become aware that "A Family for Eve" was featured on an adoption blog a couple of weeks ago. http://www.becomingamommy.blogspot.com/…/a-family-for-evea-…. I can not tell you how truly humbled, excited and emotional I become every time I hear that my purpose for writing this book is becoming a reality and truly touching families!! Thank You so much for sharing our book with your readers!!! www.afamilyforeve.com

"Loved it so much. My son kept asking to read his "adoption book My husband especially loved the book - he is an adoptive child from Colombia. He wishes his parents had this book and talked about his adoption more often. We always talk to S about our trip to Colombia to go get and about our first days together. Thank You so much." Lynn